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ZOMG! A Blog!

What? You were thinkin it.

4 February 1982
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I'm the original TWISTEDPUPPET. Whoever is on here with my name is nothing but a poser punk! Anyway, I'm a gamer geek going to a nerd school to learn about computers (another nerd hobby). I'm currently playing Oblivion for the 360. If you don't know what a 360 is, then go to Wal-Mart and ask one of the kids playing in electronics so that they can laugh at you and then tell you what it is. I also play Magic the Gathering. I'm getting better at it. I play a mostly sliver deck. As soon as I get more money, I'm going to buy more cards so that I can have an all sliver deck. Why? Because I love slivers! That's why! You ask too many questions! Now leave me alone! Nosy!

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